Fruit of the Spirit: 7


The fruit of the Spirit is not a fruit that we eat, it's a fruit that grows inside of us! When we follow Jesus, the Holy Spirit comes to live in us to make us more like him. This means that we start growing the fruit of the Spirit - fruit like faithfulness, gentleness and self-control - which are good fruits that God wants us to have in our lives. This fruit shows that we love God, and it helps us to show his love to others. Let's check out one of the fruits of the Spirit now!



When we have the fruit of faithfulness, we are loyal and devoted to God, and we keep our promises to him and to each other. Let's check out a Bible story to help us understand more about the fruit of faithfulness:

In this true Bible story Daniel kept on obeying God even though it meant he might be killed. The new rule said he had to stop praying to God, but Daniel knew that this was wrong. He stayed faithful to God by obeying him even when it was very difficult. Daniel kept on praying because putting God first and being loyal to him is more important than anything else. If we stop obeying God when things get tough, we are being unfaithful to him. Daniel was faithful because he continued to do what God wanted him to, no matter what. God wants us to be faithful to him too. He wants us to continue to love and obey him, even when it's difficult, and he wants us to be faithful to others too. We do this by keeping our promises and doing what we say we will do, even when we don't feel like it.



  • Have you ever had a hard time because you believe in Jesus?
  • What kind of promises do you make to others? Is it hard to keep them?




God wants us to be faithful to him and to others even when it's difficult. If you carry on following Jesus when your friends laugh at you, then you are being faithful to God. If you keep your promise to play with a friend even when you want to play with someone else, the fruit of faithfulness is living in you. When we do these things it shows that we love God and we show others God's love too.


Dear Lord, Thank you that when I follow Jesus, the Holy Spirit works in me to grow lots of good fruit. Please help me to be faithful to you and to other people. Help me to keep on following you, and to keep my promises to others even when it's difficult.  Amen.





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