Fruit of the Spirit: 3


The fruit of the Spirit is not a fruit that we eat, it's a fruit that grows inside of us! When we follow Jesus, the Holy Spirit comes to live in us to make us more like him. This means that we start growing the fruit of the Spirit - fruit like love, joy and peace - which is the good fruit that God wants us to have in our lives. This fruit shows that we love God, and it helps us to show his love to others. Let's check out one of the fruits of the Spirit now!



We have peace when we feel calm inside. The Bible tells us that God's peace passes understanding - that means it is a calmness that we can have even when things happen that might make us very worried or afraid. We all need peace like that don't we? Let's check out a Bible story to help us understand more about the fruit of peace: 

David loved God very much. He spent lots of time talking to God and singing songs about him. Because of this, David's friendship with God grew strong. The Holy Spirit filled David as he prayed and sang and the fruit of the Spirit grew in him too. David had the fruit of peace so he could feel calm when bad things happened. He knew God was with him and that made him brave, even when other people around him were scared. We can have the fruit of peace in our lives too.



  • Have you ever seen a lion or a bear?

  • Can you think of a time when you needed to be brave?

  • What kind of things make you feel worried or afraid? 



When you find yourself in tough times remember that God is with you and that he loves you very much. He will never leave you or let you down. Pray to him for help and ask him to give you the fruit of peace so that you can feel calm and trust that he will keep you safe. 


Dear Lord, Thank you that when I spend time praying and singing to you the Holy Spirit will work in me to grow lots of good fruit. Please help me to have the fruit of peace in my life so that I will not be afraid in difficult times because I know you are with me. Amen.





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