Fruit of the Spirit: 9


The fruit of the Spirit is not a fruit that we eat, it's a fruit that grows inside of us! When we follow Jesus, the Holy Spirit comes to live in us to make us more like him. This means that we start growing the fruit of the Spirit - fruit like faithfulness, gentleness and self-control - which are good fruits that God wants us to have in our lives. This fruit shows that we love God, and it helps us to show his love to others. Let's check out one of the fruits of the Spirit now!



Self - control is very important as it helps us to control the way we feel and behave. When we have self-control, we can stop ourselves from doing things we know are wrong, even when we really want to do them. If we are hungry we may want to sneak a cookie when dinner is almost ready but this would be wrong. And if we are angry, we may want to say something unkind to our brother or sister, but this would be wrong too. Self-control helps us not to do these things. Let's check out a Bible story to help us understand more about the fruit of self-control. 

The lady in our Bible story tried to persuade Joseph to do things that he knew were wrong, but Joseph wouldn't do them. Joseph knew the lady would make trouble for him but he had self-control and wouldn't listen to her. Joseph didn't want to do anything wrong because he loved God and wanted to stay close friends with him. Sometimes it can be very hard to stop ourselves doing the wrong thing, especially when we really feel that we want to do it.


  • Do your friends ever try to persuade you to do things that you shouldn't do? 
  • When do you find it the hardest to have self-control?





We can practice self-control by trying our best and asking God to help us. When we do this, the Holy Spirit works in our hearts to grow more of the fruit of self-control in us. When this happens, it becomes easier for us to choose to do the right thing next time. When you choose to resist doing wrong things, even when you really want to do them, you are using the fruit of self-control. So, when you don't sneak that cookie at dinner time, and when you stop yourself saying those angry words to your brother or sister, you are showing that the fruit of self control is in you! And when you have self-control you will also be showing God's love to others around you, and showing God that you love him too!. 


Dear Lord, Thank you that when I follow Jesus, the Holy Spirit works in me to grow lots of good fruit. Please help me to be like Joseph. Let me have the fruit of self-control so that I can stop myself from doing things that are wrong even when I really want to do them. Please help me to stay close friends with you. Amen.





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