Dorcas Window

The Charity of Dorcas Window

The 'Dorcas Window' or the 'Watson Parish Memorial Window' is located on the north side of the Church.
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The banner reads:
'Full of Good Works and Almsdeeds which She Did'

The inscription at the bottom reads:
'To the Glory of God in loving memory of Mary Ann the dearly beloved wife of Watson Parish died November 30th, 1921'

Dorcas (the Greek version of the Aramaic name Tabitha) is a reference to a disciple who lived in Joppa, mentioned in the Acts 9:36–42. She is described as "always doing good and helping the poor"; the suggestion being that widows were the recipients of Dorcas' charity and that she may have been a widow herself. Dorcas was so prominent in the Joppa community that, when she became ill and died, Peter took the trouble to come to her from a neighbouring city and was used by God to raise her back to life.


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