Overseas Roll of Honour


The following are those who have served overseas:

Year Name Country
1884 Rev A.E. Bowlby India
1919 Rev & Mrs A. Garlick Canada
1919 Mrs M. Shaw (nee Bowlby) India
1925 Rev W.R. Cannell B.D. China
1925 Mrs W.R. Cannell China
1926 Miss M. Miller India
1928 Rev C.W. Reeves Ceylon
1930 Miss M.L. Webb China
1932 Dr H. Beryl Burt India
1935 Rev C.M. Johnston B.A., L.Th Burma
1936 Rev E.B. Davis B.A. China
1936 Rev H. Dyer B.A., L.Th Burma
1937 Rev R.W. Hill A.K.C. Jamaica
1937 Rev R.E. Theobald L.Th., A.L.C.D. Nigeria

Note: by it's very nature, this list will never be complete as others respond to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20)






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