The Parable of the Two Builders

In this session we are going to hear another parable that Jesus told. This Bible story is about two men who decide to build themselves houses! One builds his house on solid rock and the other builds his house on the sand. Let’s watch the video to see what happens:


Story Video

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Time to Think and Pray



  • What happened to the house that was built on rock?

  • What happened to the house that was built on sand?

  • Why should we obey Jesus?



The wise man built his house on solid rock and when the rain came, his house was safe because it was built well on the right type of ground. But the foolish man built his house on the soft sand, so when rain came, his house fell apart!

Jesus was trying to teach his disciples, and us, that when we do not obey Jesus, we are like the foolish man. But when we obey him and do what he tells us to do, we are like the wise man. Following Jesus and doing what he tells us to do will make us strong like the wise man’s house and we will be safe when bad things happen because he will be with us. If we pray and read the Bible regularly, God will help us to be better followers of Jesus and more like the wise man. If we continue to follow Jesus, one day we will go to live with him forever in heaven!


Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you that you love us very much and want to be our friend. Please help us to follow you and do what you ask us to do so that we can be strong and safe like the wise man in the Bible story. Amen.


This Week's Song: I Reach Up High





This Week: Paper House and Rainstick


Paper House

You will need: scissors, colouring pens or pencils, a glue stick and a copy of the printable template from

Print out a copy of the template and follow the easy instructions on the website to make your house! Maybe you can make two houses - one for the wise man and one for the foolish man in this week's Bible story!

Craft from:


Rain Sticks

You will need: A cardboard paper towel roll; tin foil; rice; sellotape and coloured paper. You will also need a wooden spoon and a broom handle to twist your tin foil around! Follow the instructions from to make your rain stick! Have fun making it rain!

Craft from:






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