King Jehoshaphat

In this session on Old Testament Heroes of the Bible, we are going to learn about a man called Jehoshaphat. At the time when Jehoshaphat lived, the country of Israel had split into two parts. Israel was in the north and Judah was in the south. Jehoshaphat was one of the Kings of Judah, and he was a good King! Let’s watch the video to learn more about him and his story:


Story Video:

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Time to Think and Pray


  • Why was Jehoshaphat afraid?

  • What did Jehoshaphat ask the people to do?

  • When they all met together, what did Jehoshaphat do?

  • A man received a message from God! What was the message?

  • Who did the King send to march ahead of the army?

  • What happened when they arrived at the enemies’ campsites?

  • What did Jehoshaphat and all God’s people do when they returned?



King Jehoshaphat got a message saying that the armies of three kingdoms were on their way to Judah to attack them! Jehoshaphat was terrified and asked God what to do! He told all the people to fast, which means they were to stop eating and focus on praying instead. Then they all gathered together and King Jehoshaphat stood before them and prayed to God for help. A man in the crowd, called Jahaziel, got a message from God that said, “Do not be afraid! The battle is not yours, but God’s.” God was going to keep them safe!

The next day, Jehoshaphat’s army started marching toward the enemy armies, and he sent the singers to march ahead of them to sing, play instruments and praise God. When they started praising God, God made the enemy armies start to fight each other! By the time Jehoshaphat’s army got there, there was no one left to fight! God had taken care of it and the people of Judah were safe. Jehoshaphat’s army went back to Jerusalem praising and worshipping God for everything he had done for them!

God looked after his people and kept them safe! God looks after us too! We never need to be afraid because he is always with us. All we need to do is trust and obey him. We should thank God and praise him for everything he does for us, just like the people of Judah did!

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you that you love us and are always with us. Thank you that we never need to be afraid because you are taking care of us. Please help us to remember to thank and praise you for all you do. Amen.


This Week's Song: Glory and Honour





Praise Wristbands

You will need: White card or paper; colouring pens or pencils; scissors; tape or glue stick; and a copy of the printable template.

Print out the template and colour in one or both of the wristbands. Cut them out, bend them round and stick the end piece behind the other end. You might want to try it on your wrist before you stick it down, just in case you need it tighter or looser!

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Praise Trumpets

You will need: White card; colouring pens or pencils; scissors; tape or glue stick; and a copy of the printable template.

Print out the template and colour it in. Cut out the trumpet. Fold along the line and roll into a trumpet shape. Stick it down with either glue or tape.

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