Easter Fun


Watch the video above for the Easter story, songs, challenges, an Easter egg hunt and plenty of silly fun with Rev Rob and Beth. Then return to this page for games, puzzles, recipes and crafts to enjoy over Easter. 


Watch the Easter Story again

Video from Saddleback.com


Easter Egg Hunt (Print and cut out one page of eggs for each child playing)



Have a go at Rob and Beth's Chocolate Drop and Egg and Spoon Challenges! Let us know how you got on! 



Easter Activity Sheets

Free from Saddleback Kids


Easter Recipes

Easter Tomb Biscuits

You will need: Jam Sandwich Cream biscuits (the kind with a little jammy hole in the middle); Rich Tea or other plain biscuits; icing sugar; water; green food colouring; mini chocolate eggs and edible sprinkles of your choice. Mix a little water with some icing sugar and add a few drops of green food colouring to make a smooth green glace icing. Spread onto a plain biscuit to make your grass. Carefully cut off the bottom of a Jam Sandwich Cream biscuit by pressing down firmly across it with a knive. Ask an adult to help with this. Now turn your jammy tomb biscuit cut-side down and stick it to the grass. Add a mini egg to become the stone which has been rolled away. Decorate with sprinkles. Your delicious Easter Tomb goody is complete! 


Easter Tomb Cake

You will need: A cake (or the ingredients to make one); a large chocolate Easter egg; Matchmakers chocolates (or other materials) to make crosses; icing and decorations of your choice.

Make and ice your cake and pop the large Easter egg on top. This is your tomb. Add any crosses you have made. (To make chocolate crosses from Matchmakers, melt a little chocolate and use it to stick the parts of the cross together. Allow them to set before adding to your cake). Decorate the cake as you wish - the more chocolatey the better!. On Easter Sunday tell the Easter story and smash the empty tomb egg to show that Jesus is not there. He has risen!



Easter Crafts

Paper Plate Easter Cross Craft

You will need: 2 paper plates (either small or large); colouring pens (or coloured paper); 2 split pins; a hole-punch; a gluestick and a copy of the printable template. Print the template and colour the egg. Cut out both the egg and black cross. Decorate one plate and stick the cross to it. Stick the egg to the other plate and then cut it in half as close to the middle as possible. Punch a hole in the bottom of each plate half, and make holes to match in the plate with the cross as shown in the picture below. Insert the split pins. Now you can close you egg and open it to show that Easter is about Jesus!

Craft Idea from godlyladies.com


Flower Baskets

You will need: Both templates; scissors; a glue stick and colouring pens or pencils; coloured or wrapping paper (optional)

Print a basket template and flowers Template from from First Palette. Colour the basket and the flowers. Cut them out and stick them together to make a pretty paper Easter Basket. If you have coloured or wrapping paper, instead of colouring you could stick your template to the back and cut it out to make a colourful basket. The same can be done with the flowers. 

Craft by: www.firstpalette.com


Easter Bookmarks

You will need: A copy of the printable template; colouring pens or pencils; scissors; a gluestick and a piece of card (eg: from a cereal packet). 

Print your bookmarks and colour them in. Cut them out and glue to a piece of card. Cut them out again to complete your Easter bookmark. Why not try to read a book over the Easter break?

Image from The Crafty Classroom


Spring Chatterboxes

We think of flowers, bunnies and chicks at Easter because the new life of spring reminds us of the new life that Jesus died to bring us!

You will need: Colouring pens or pencils; scissors; and a copy of the black and white versions of the templates from Easy Peasy and Fun

Colour your template (look at the coloured template as a guide to which bits need to stay white) then cut out the pieces and follow the instructions in the video tutorial. Have fun making your chattering bunny or chick!

Image by Easy Peasy and Fun


Foil Crosses

You will need: A piece of foam or polystyrene, or thick squashy cardboard from a cardboard box. You also need some thick tin foil and items to press into the foil to make patterns (Ie: a stylus, blunt skewer or pencil). 

Cut out a cross shape from a piece of foam or cardboard. If you need help you could print this template and draw around it. Cover your cross well with foil and make it as smooth ias possible. Now get to work making your patterns, working gently so you don't tear the foil. 

Images from: Mumma Made It 







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