Daniel in the Lions' Den

In this session on Old Testament Heroes of the Bible, we are going to learn about a man called Daniel. Daniel loved God very much and prayed to him three times a day. At that time the King of Babylon was a man called Darius. Daniel worked for King Darius, giving him advice and help when he needed it. There were some people who worked for the King that did not like Daniel and wanted to get rid of him! Let’s watch the video and see what happened:


Story Video:

Video by http://saddleback.com/


Time to Think and Pray


  • What new rule did the King’s Officials get King Darius to sign?

  • Why did King Darius not want Daniel to be thrown into the lions’ den?

  • Why could King Darius not stop Daniel from being thrown in?

  • When King Darius went to the lions’ den to check on Daniel the next morning, what did he see?

  • Who came to save Daniel from being hurt?

  • What did King Darius do to the officials who wanted to get rid of Daniel?



Some of King Darius’ officials were jealous of Daniel and wanted to get rid of him. Because they knew that Daniel worshipped and prayed to God, they made a new rule and had King Darius sign it. This rule said that if anyone was caught praying to anyone other than King Darius, they were to be thrown into the lions’ den! King Darius signed it without really thinking it through and once a rule was signed by a King of Babylon, it could never be taken back! Daniel heard about this new rule but he continued to pray to God three times a day. The King’s officials caught Daniel praying, and because of the new rule they got the King to sign, Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den! King Darius liked Daniel and didn’t want him to die. He hoped that the God that Daniel worshipped would save Daniel from being killed.

When the King went to the lions’ den the next morning, he called down to Daniel and found that he was alive and completely unharmed! In fact, God had sent an angel to close the mouths of the lions so they couldn’t hurt him! King Darius was very happy. He commanded his men to get Daniel out of the den and for the nasty officials to be thrown in with the lions!

God saved Daniel from being killed by the lions! God keeps us safe too. Sometimes scary things can happen to us, but we don’t ever need to be afraid, because God is with us, keeping us safe! If we follow God and obey his rules, just like Daniel did, God will always be with us.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you that if we follow you, you will always be with us. Please help us to not be afraid when something scary happens to us, but to trust that you are in control. Please help us to follow and obey you each day, so we can become closer to you. Amen.


This Week's Song: All Through History





Lion Mask

You will need: A paper plate; white card or paper; a lolly stick; colouring pens or pencils; orange and yellow poster paints (optional); scissors; glue stick; and a copy of the printable template.

Print out the template and colour in the lion’s face and strips of paper that will make up the mane. Paint OR colour a paper plate yellow or orange. If using paints, make sure it is left to dry. Stick the strips of paper in a circle pattern sticking out of the middle of the plate and stick the lion’s face in the centre. Cut the eyes out. You may need a parent’s help, as cutting through the plate behind the eyes may be tricky.  Stick the end of a lolly stick to the back of the plate. You should now have your very own lion mask!

Craft by https://craftingthewordofgod.com


Paper Tube Lion

You will need: Yellow paper (or white paper coloured in yellow pen); a tissue paper tube; scissors; glue stick; thin strips of coloured paper; and a copy of the printable template.

Print out the template and follow the simple instructions to make your lion!







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