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This Week: Abraham and Sarah

This week’s story is about a man named Abram. You can read about Abram in the Old Testament which is the first part of the Bible, in the very first book called Genesis. When Abram was 99 years old, God changed his name to Abraham! Let’s watch the video to see what happens:


Story Video

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Time to Think and Pray



  • How many children and grandchildren did God promise to give Abram?

  • Why was it so unbelievable that Sarah was going to have a baby? 

  • Did God keep his promise to Abraham and Sarah?



God called Abram to follow him and become a part of his special family. He promised Abram that he would bless him with as many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren as the stars in the sky and the sand on the beach! That’s even more than we could possibly count! He told Abram to leave his home and take his family to a new land. Abram trusted God and followed him to his new home, to a place called Canaan. When Abram was 99 years old, God changed his name to Abraham to show that he now belonged to God. A little while later, three visitors from God came to Abraham and Sarah’s home. They had come to give a special message to Abraham and Sarah. The message was that Sarah was going to have a baby! Sarah was 90 years old at the time and so it seemed so unbelievable that she could have a baby at her old age. Sarah laughed because she thought it was crazy! But God kept his promise and Sarah gave birth to a baby boy. They named him Isaac and they praised God for him!

Sometimes God’s promises might seem crazy but nothing is impossible for him! God is always good and will always keep his promises. God wants us to become a part of his special family too. If we trust God and follow him, he will always be with us and we will live with him forever in heaven one day.


Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you that you always keep your promises and that nothing is impossible for you! Please help us to trust you and the promises that you give to us. Help us to love you more and more each day. Amen


This Week's Song: God is Love





This Week's Crafts: Emoji Faces and Salt Dough Stars


Emoji Faces

You will need: a paper plate (optional), yellow paint (or a yellow colouring pen), a lolly stick, colouring pens or pencils, scissors, a glue stick and a copy of the printable template.

Print out a copy of the printable template in card and cut out the pieces to stick on to your emoji face. Choose between a laughing face, a laughing with tongue sticking out face or a heart eyes smiley face. (Or do one of each!) Get a paper plate, or if you don’t have a paper plate you can print out a copy of the round face on the template above. Paint or colour your face yellow and stick on the shapes to make your face. (If using paint, leave it to dry before sticking on any of the shapes.) Stick a lolly stick to the bottom of the back of your face. Have fun playing with your emojis!

Craft from:


Salt Dough Stars

This craft is for decoration. Do not eat.

You will need:  a bowl, a rolling pin, star cookie cutters, plain flour, salt, water, beads or sprinkles, ribbon, a flat microwavable plate and a microwave.

In a bowl, mix together 1 measuring cup of plain flour, ½ a measuring cup of salt and ½ a measuring cup of water. Knead it on a floured surface until it forms a dough. You might need an adults help for this. Roll out your dough with your rolling pin and cut out star shapes with your cutters. Put your stars on a piece of kitchen roll on a flat microwavable plate. Decorate your stars with some beads or sprinkles and press them lightly into the dough. Make a little hole in the top of your stars if you would like to make hanging decorations. Pop your plate in the microwave for around 90 seconds to harden the dough. Don’t microwave for too long as they will burn! After they’ve cooled, thread some ribbon through the hole at the top and tie it. Decorate your house or save them to put on your tree at Christmas time!

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